Higher Ground Stilters and Stiltwalkers

Higher Ground stiltwalking stiltwalkers and stilters are located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Higher Ground is a Toronto and GTA based stiltwalking company created by Artistic Director and performer Ben Block.
With site animation and roaming entertainment, these giants come to life through extended movements and dynamics of height and space for a charged, absorbing atmosphere.

For more information please contact Higher Ground Stiltwalkers' Artistic Director and performer Ben Block at stilters@gmail.com

A quick selection of a few of our Stiltwalking Costumes

stiltwalkers angelstiltwalkers devilstiltwalkers mardi grasstiltwalkers scarecrowstiltwalkers sportsstiltwalkers formal

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Your Organization

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We have many stiltwalking costumes

We have 3s and 4 s of almost all our costumes. Some costumes are not featured and we are working on others. If you have specific needs we are very easy to work with.


formal stiltwalkers


angel stiltwalker


devil stiltwalkers


scarecrow stiltwalker


mardi-gras stiltwalker


bird stiltwalkers


kabuki stiltwalkers


pirate stiltwalkers


sports hockey stiltwalker

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Who We Are

Higher Ground is a Toronto and GTA based stiltwalking company created by Artistic Director and performer Ben Block. We're four in the core, but we have another four satellites that we often hire when you need more. From site animation to fully choreographed dance pieces, Higher Ground's stilt giants come to life through extended movements and dynamics of height and space for a charged, absorbing atmosphere.



stiltwalker Ben Block Founder and key performer Ben Block has been stilting for 20 years. Ben Block's history of stiltwalking includes the 5 time National Moko-Jumbie Champion for Trinidad and Tobago, the off-site trainer for the Lord Of The Rings Stageshow and featured in the commercial, movie performances in Night Owl and The Secret Life, dance shows at FFIDA, EnWave Theatre, and Harbourfront, and Key Stilter for Cirque Du Soleil's Toronto based Luminato stage show.

Core Performers

stiltwalker Jeremy Lascar Jeremy Lascar has been employed as a Stiltwalker with Higher Ground for 8 years and is one of the hardest working and busiest stiltwalkers. He can work an audience and dance in the shows from a wide range of venues, busy nightclubs, parades, corporate functions, and overseas. It is our job to entertain and above all Jeremy puts on a show and ensures that everyone has a good time.

stiltwalker Jodi Lascar Jodi Lascar has been working with Higher Ground for 10 years. Jodi has performed in venues from Caribana to Gay Pride to the Brampton Flower Festival. Featured stiltwalker in Dabble Magazine, Jodi was also the key stiltdancer for all the Breakfast Television spots. Jodi shows her real talent with adaptability at dancing choreography and shifting gears for entertaining the kids.

stiltwalker Cory Sheehan Cory Sheehan is my next hired gun. Cory has stilted with Higher Ground for 6 years, but comes from a stilting background. Cory has elegant movement, style and poise on stilts, and can work a costume to its fullest. Cory has a background in the performance arts and has acted and stilted on stage for shows like  "summer please" "a comedy of errors" and the lead role in shakespeares "hamlet". Cory is versatile and can work the crowd as a key performer.


photographer Julia Zander Extra special thanks go out to Higher Ground's photographer: Julia Zander for the taking of and gracious use of website and event photography. If you want to contact Julia please visit her website at Zander Creative Design Studio - http://www.zandercreativedesignstudio.com (Julia Zander Photography 2014. All Right Reserved.)

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What We Do

Stiltwalkers for every event!

Higher Ground uses a multi-disciplinary approach, crossing the boundaries of many styles of dance and theatre to produce a wide range of stiltwalking performances.

Site Animation / Roaming Entertainment

  • 45 minute set / 15 minute break
  • maximum 4 hour set / stilter / day
  • maximum 1 hour delay in sets over 2 hours
  • discounts on long running contracts


  • up to 2h


  • you provide security guard spotter
  • outside only

Outdoor and Indoor Events

  • Civic Events
  • Festivals

Out of Town gigs

  • +$ travel expenses
    based on 1.5 h from GTA

Costume changes

  • +$ / costume / stilter

Special Costumes

  • +$ / costumes
    some costumes require considerable
    more effort and skill, like birds and angels

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©2012 Higher Ground Stiltwalkers